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Earthing Day 1

Sep 01, 2011 - 0 comments








This is the day after the first night I slept with the Earthing blanket. My stomach did not hurt when I woke up, which is really an amazing fact. I went to sleep pretty easily/quickly. It was very hard to wake up, but I am behind on my sleep a little, being that I went to bed late the last two nights and got up much earlier yesterday than I usually do. So the sleep deficit could account for that. I felt very heavy when I woke up. Could be tiredness, or from doing bench press yesterday, or from the heavy foods I've been eating the last few days. My head didn't hurt too much when I woke up. I felt like an allergy headache, which is quite understandable as the ragweed pollen is high.

Besides the Earthing, I think it is heavy food and lack of sleep that usually makes me feel bad. I need to eat better more consistently and go to sleep early every day.

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