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injection #9

Sep 02, 2011 - 0 comments

Had to come to town for my 8 wk visit so what better way to spend the day than visiting the PNE?  Husband and daughter came with one friend so we could visit the fair.  Checked into the Holiday Inn but the room wasn't ready so I slept in the minivan in the parkade for 2 hrs till we could get in our room.  The rest of them went on to the fair.  Once the nausea subsided I got in the room and ate some vietnamese.  I haven't enjoyed a meal like that in weeks!  
Injection #9 is in and I am now counting down the 28 days till I finish the PI that has been bothering me so badly with nausea.  After that it's just the riba/peg for me!!  Because the trial is double-blinded I won't find out if I am UND until sometime after week 12.  If I don't clear this virus I don't know what I will do but for today it's OK.  Maybe my GP can do a blood test outside of the clinical trial so I will look into that rather than wait for trial results.  I think the trick is to set small goals and celebrate them when they pass.  Also believe that family/friends support is crucial and there is never enough or too much.

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