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7 weeks pregnant with Twins- HELP!

Sep 05, 2011 - 4 comments

Hi guys...Thank you all so much again for your prayers and support..I sometimes cant respond individually  to everyone due to how im feeling but please, Know that I appreciate all the support and im so greatfull for a community such as this. You guys have been great!

So at 7 weeeks, I am experiencing THEE worst nausea known to am so happy to be in this situation but MY GOD! I am not actually throwing up,...yet..but Im coming very close..its the most disgusting feeling ive ever experienced in my life..It literally sometimes wakes me up during my sleep..geeze..I need some advice guys, I was told to ask for this anti-nausea disolving pill from my Dr. Starts with a Z...I really dont want to be all pill-dependant but I think its totally nessesary at this point.

It is a complete struggle to eat ANYTHING...even my most favorite foods..EVERYTHING aggravates me..smells of certain foods and even pictures of food drive me crazy! I literally had to force myself to eat breakfast this morning..and each bite I fought even harder to keep it down :(...Ive been drinking ginger ale( cafeen free), lemonade, and squeezing lime in my water to remedy the nausea, however it is only temporarily relieved..IF ONE MORE PERSON SUGGESTS SALTINE CRACKERS TO ME IM GOING TO SCRAEM!

I know everyone is trying to help..but i cant eat DRY disgusts me.......and crackers are dry! ...but if YOU guys think it will really help, ill give it a try!

More symptoms..

-Breast Soreness (shooting pains)
-Frequent urination (will this EVER go away?)
-Forgetfullness...spent 1 hour looking for the remote 2 days ago only to find it in the refridgerator..(i had put it there and didnt realize it, smh)
-Weird sensation in my stomach...I guess this is because theres two of them in there?
-Weird dreams that seem completley real. ALL involve the twins..(feeding them, hearing them cry, watching them together)
-Oh and Ive been totally "showing" since 6 weeks..see picture

????????? doctor told me I couldnt have sex until i went one week without bleeding..well ive been monitoring my "spotting" and i noticed it only happens after i walk or stand for long periods of time..this morning i woke up, no spotting, and my hubby wanted to make has been an entire month since we made love and i felt so sorry for him, poor we decided to go ahead, we were very carefull..nothing rough or too deep..checked myself after, still no spotting..Im so happy about that. Do you guys think its safe to have very SAFE gentle sex if i am not spotting ????????????

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by Maybe-baby, Sep 05, 2011
Your picture is so cute!! Hope you feel better soon, I can't imagine how horrid it must feel to struggle to eat and drink, I'm such a fan of it I'd be gutted if/ when it happens for us that I have nausea too!! Ergghh :)

Take care of your brood, you should copy these journals for them to read one day, such an amazing story :)

Good luck!

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by MARLENISS2006, Sep 06, 2011
when i was having nausea the only thing that helped me was ginger mint or ginger tea.!! that really does some miracles.. Hope it helps.

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by devine76, Sep 06, 2011
when was your first symptom and what just so i can look out 4them? congrates on you both take care lynne.

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by MrsREID, Sep 06, 2011
I started having symmptoms at 3 weeks...Included severe breast soreness, mild cramping, and frequent urination.

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