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hardly no sleep

Sep 05, 2011 - 0 comments

had a burst of explosive energy in within my body and i  snapped outta no where walked out my house and came back in when i was calm & cried my eyes out 2 a family member now i came back in took a 200mg ibruprofen 4 my chest pain i was experiencing..sat down i was fallin asleep went 2 sleep about 2:30am woke up an hour later.
      now i had woke up 2 mild chest pain that turned into panic attack with a blood pressure of 149/91 i was pretty scared quickly took a xanax 2 relax me down after 8 minutes it did now i feel back asleep woke up at 8:17am felt rite away jitters and shakes to a panic attack rage i called an ambulance 2 the hospital.

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