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One year anniversary as a member

Sep 08, 2011 - 1 comments

Its been  a while since I have done a journal so since this is my one year anniversary as a member thought I would do one. Just so thankful for this group that has been so caring over this last year. There are some wonderful people on here that have devoted time to just listen and offer advice to help each other cope with illnesses. I am thankful to each and every person who responded to my post and chat about issues in our lives. I have been through Gallbladder surgery, hysterectomy and lots of issues with thyroid problems. Last year was a tough one. Divorce was one of them. I feel that finally my health seems to be really improving. I still deal with chronic pain from major back surgery from years ago but am on a good pain management program. I hope and pray for each person that comes on here trying to find answers for their own issues.

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by danie17075rm, Sep 09, 2011
This is wonderful news!  I am so glad you are doing better.  You had a rough spell and I hope it is all over for you.  One year has been about how long I have been suffering with hyperthyroid too (well it started last August).  Isaiah and I still say a prayer for you every night =).

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