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Back in the waiting game

Sep 09, 2011 - 3 comments

Oh well is all I can really say.  I'm trying not to get too annoyed or disappointed and just roll with it.  This cycle is canceled because my lining is too thick (12.something?).  So I start those awful bcp's tonight and back on 9/20 for bw and sono.  

So its back in the waiting game for me.

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by plumber43, Sep 09, 2011
Oh honey, I'm sorry, I just don't understand, my lining was 18, it's normally that thick though, is yours? They were going to cancel mine but they went through all my files and thats what I produce. I know waiting *****! I know you'll get your BFP next cycle, hang in there Sweetie!
Love hugs and SSBD,

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by Kricket212, Sep 09, 2011
Sorry to hear that.  Hang in there, you will get there soon.

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by wakejl, Sep 12, 2011
That is really too bad. Sorry that you have to endure more waiting. I hope that the time passes quickly for you. Do something nice for yourself--maybe get a massage or something?

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