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Cataract surgery Post Op report (great!)

Sep 10, 2011 - 2 comments



Cataract Surgery

I did finally find some testimonials from real patients on MedHelp about the multifocal lens (the one that lets you see near, intermediate, and far all at once - literally all distances at the same time).  Most people were complaining about them but people who are satisfied don't often post.  I felt I had done enough research and was planning to get ReSTOR multifocal lenses in both eyes; didn't care how long it would take me to pay for them; being able to see without glasses was worth it to me.  
But, my doctor changed his mind about how well they might work for me when, after wearing the contact lens for near vision in my non-dominant eye for three weeks, the astigmatism in that eye was 1.5.  So we decided to put the plain distance vision lens in my dominant eye and a Toric lens for near vision in the non-dominant eye (this will correct the astigmatism in my cornea).  Turns out the astigmatism is only .98 when the contact lens has been out of that eye for a week.
When I tried the contact lens, it took my brain less than an hour to switch to automatically processing information from either the near vision eye (with the contact lens in it) or the far vision eye depending on what I was looking at, and the whole 3 weeks of not having to reach for glasses was heavenly!  I could see my laptop screen and read a book.
Three days ago I had the first (worst-cataract, dominant eye) lens replaced.  Immediately after my surgery they wheeled me into the recovery room and had me sit up. I could see the numbers on the clock on the opposite wall. A few hours later I was watching Nightly News with Diane Sawyer when my doctor called to check on me. I answered the phone, “Hi, Dr. McGarity! I can see Diane Sawyer’s eyelashes!” As the evening wore on, I kept noticing how much more vivid colors and contrasts were, and that I could see the leaves on the trees a block away. I was amazed. Then the next morning I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and thought, huh! I didn’t notice all those lines on my face last night; I guess I was just too focused on checking to see if my eye was no longer dilated (it stayed that way until bedtime). But then I went out on the back deck and realized my vision had gotten even better! I could see BLADES of grass and PETALS on the flowers and hummingbirds feeding on the Rose O’ Sharon bush at the BACK of the yard!  I would’ve been extremely happy with my vision the way it was the previous night, but this is incredible! Everything "pops" – on the computer screen, my Palm Pilot (aka "Nancy's Brain"), etc. The edges of everything are sharp and colors so vivid; I had no idea what I was missing.  
Because my cataracts were little flecks and weren’t over the center of my eye but rather scattered closer to the periphery, cataract physicians have been telling me to wait for 10 years.  I appreciate their honesty, and waiting meant technology now has more to offer, but I'm seeing so sharply now it's almost overwhelming.
I can close my right eye and still see through my left, but everything is grey and fuzzy – no sharp edges. I can’t wait to have that left eye done (Sept. 21st) with a Toric lens for close vision!   I had been worried about having less clear vision in the 3 to 4 foot range, but my (new) right eye can see more clearly in that range now than I could with glasses before the surgery.
I do see a little arch of light on the right side of the eye with the new lens, usually only when there is a lamp to my right.  Dr. says that's normal and will go away within a couple of weeks.  I will continue to be diligent about putting the series of drops in my eye through the dates they told me to continue each of them.
Will keep you posted!

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by NanCcan, Nov 25, 2012
Update: I'm loving my Monofocal vision.  It took longer for my brain to learn which signals to pay attention to (depending on whether I wanted to see near or far) than it did when I tried the one contact lens.  I think this is because my "new" eyes can see soooo much more than my old ones that there is a lot more information to process.  But, learn to process it I did!  I have better than promised range of vision from both eyes.  I forget one eye sees differently than the other until I try to peer around the head in front of me at a meeting (if I lean toward my near-sighted eye, what I see up in the front of the room will be blurry).
I did have a ray of light at one angle in one eye and a different angle in the other eye - only at night, when looking at a point of light.  The Dr. did a lasik procedure to eliminate one fold in each lens - painless & fast.  However, my body is not absorbing the resulting little bits of debris that float around for a while after the procedure.  
Dr. says don't worry, we can always do it again - and he will stick with me until "everything is perfect."  I hope this turns out as well as everything else has (with patience on my part), as at this point, I miss having the "perfect" vision I had before these little lasik-produced floaters were created.
I've seen several patients' posts stating that they also saw more starbursts after the YAG procedure, but all the doctors seem to say the YAG procedure has nothing to do with the increased number of rays of light off each light source - even though they appeared only after the YAG procedure.

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by Dee56yrs, Apr 15, 2013
March 2013 - RESTOR LENS - GREAT OUTCOME -- I wanted to comment on my great outcome with cataract surgery.  I am 56 years old and have been very nearsighted for many years.  I started to wear glasses in the 3rd grade.  Very nearsighted is have an eyeglass prescription that is beyond a "minus 6."  My last eyeglass prescription was: OD -12.75 +2.75 x 108; OS -14.50 +0.50 x 042 Add + 2.25; Vertex 13.75.  Since I was very nearsighted and had astigmatism with my right eye, I worried about whether to select a multifocal lens or a monofocal lens.  With this vision, I saw "starring" around car headlights at night and "halos" around car tail lights.  When my cataracts developed, the "starring" and "halos" became dramatic -- long, distorted star points and red halos the size of hula hoops around tail lights.  When I had cataracts, I was struggling to work at my computer and read documents, read books etc.  Dim light affected my ability to work at the computer or read.  Eye fatigue was significant since I work at a computer all day for my job.

I initially was evaluated by a local surgeon who worried about my astigmatism and thought that I should select monofocal lens.  He worried about the Restor lens and wanted to know if I was a "type A" personality.  My only answer was that when it comes to vision, everyone would say that they are a "type A' when it comes to their eyesight.  He said that if I selected the Restor lens, not to ask for my money back!  He did not discuss any options if any problems did arise.

I was shocked at this discussion and then researched to find a very experienced cataract surgeon.  He discussed my vision, how calculations are made to select the right lens, and options if the surgery did not provide good results.  The experience was very professional, informative and re-assuring.  I was prepare to deal with various techniques to correct vision if the Restor lens did not solve my vision issues immediately.  With his advice, I selected the Restor lens -- the results are EXCELLENT!  I had 20/20 vision in each eye immediately the day after surgery when my eyesight was tested.  I could read the smallest of type from the "reading" card.

I spend 10 -12 hours a day using a computer and I spend my time reading and drafting documents.  I am delighted with the results -- it is easy to use the computer and read and draft documents.  I am an avid reader and like to watch movies with subtitles.  I can do all of this easily again.  I am not affected by dim light.  My vision (close, intermediate and distant) is crisp and clear in all lighting conditions.  Although I have some white small halos around car headlights, I can readily drive at night.  In comparison to vision when I had cataracts, these halos are a minor inconvenience.  I have a number of floaters in both eyes and they are "minor" and "in the background" as my brain "puts them in the background" like before I had surgery. It has been 6 weeks since my last surgery, and I am so impressed with the quality of my vision.  I have not had this quality of vision since the 2nd grade.

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