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gettin freaked out

Sep 11, 2011 - 1 comments











freaked out



im up all day n night cant sleep worrying about this spinal fusion and if i should have it done i went through a very bad heart surgery four yrs ago where i woke up on table strapped down and felt every little thing they were doing to me and from the pain and anxiety had a heart attack on the table and felt and saw it all right up to wear they put the paddles on my chest and  shocked my heart 3 times it was a nightmare and i am deathly afraid of any kind of invasive procedure now i went to have a chemical stress test and cried and shook and blubbered like a baby i think i scared the staff worse than i was i have since been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. on top of all my back problems so here i sit all night reading others stories and it does help a little, but i am still really scared anyone that has advice or just wants to chat im here most of the night my son uses the pc during the day when hes home from college so its mostly at nite so hope to chat with you all soon

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by geminigirl1963, Sep 11, 2011
I can certainly understand your fears after all you've been through.  Surgery is scary enough, but having those memories of waking up during the surgery has definitely got to make things much, much worse.

About the best advice I can give is to make sure you tell your anesthesiologist for your upcoming surgery about your past experience with anesthesia.  Tell him how traumatic it's been for you reliving those memories and ask him to please make sure that he gives you enough anesthesia to make sure that won't happen again.

Are you going into the hospital the day of your fusion surgery or the night prior to?  Either way, ask your doctor if there is anything he can prescribe you - a light sedative/anti-anxiety med - that you can take both the night before and the morning of surgery.  obviously, it needs to be something that won't interfere with the anesthesia they'll be giving you in the OR, but it might help if you had something that would help you to relax both the night before and the morning of surgery.  It actually makes it much easier on the anesthesiologist if their patients are relaxed, so this type of request is not all that uncommon.  And, of course, you're going to heal better and faster if you're well rested (which, I know, is very difficult when you're in pain)

I'm here any time you'd like to chat.


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