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08.12.11:  foot drop

Sep 11, 2011 - 2 comments

my foot and bottom of right leg went numb a few weeks ago.  did the solymedrol infusion. that helped me speech more than my foot! LOL  maybe my foot might get better, i hope. but so far no.  leaning strongly to start tysarbri.  at least i have a really good civilian neuro. have a good VA PCP. at least she hasn't side stepped the MS or spinal injury issues and seeks to get a handle for a better quality of life/treatment. the other one did everything he could to deny much was wrong with me. typical as you know. they have a new MS research/patient place here. i doubt the VA will send me there. heck, the VA wouldn't even send me to their own MS specialty clinic in Oregon or Washington.  

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by 17o_bandslater, Sep 11, 2011
Hey, Unfrustrated: I live in Oregon and I don't think you're missing much by not getting a referral to the VA MS Center here. Oregon has weird drug and malpractice rules. I'm in a full-blown flare and getting prednisone from neurobot was like asking for a heroin prescription; you'd think the DEA had surveillance cameras in her office. I call Oregon "The Last Bastion of Proud Mediocrity." I usually get better results from the natural hormone (prednisone) as opposed to the synthesized (solumedrol). Think this has something to do with spinal cord being more responsive to it. Anyway, have you considered asking for an oral prednisone pulse?

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by Ufrustrated2, Sep 24, 2011
hey, bandslater, sorry for the delay. gee i just saw this!!! eys, ya know. not what they used to be.

never heard of oral prednisone pulse but i will ask my VA PCP about it. she happens to be from planet earth and not some place called hells-gestapo-VAmedical-professional.

i'm actually glad you mentioned your experience with Oregon. frak, if not for some meds, i'd already offed myself due to symptom combo has just worn me out after 23 yerars. of course that is just me. others could deal with it better or worse for all i know. at least they rx meds to help me a bit more manageable and comfortable.

what does "The Last Bastion of Proud Mediocrity" mean? i could look up some of those words but your take would be better.

so the VA MSCoE isn't so excellent after all, huh? wow too bad. so i'm stuck at the vegas VA. like i said i'm burnt out so put that in the mix.

gee, had no idea about Oregon. as liberal as the media (tv/movies) paints it and it being close to NorCal i would ahve thaought otherwise?

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