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35 weeks

Sep 11, 2011 - 2 comments

35 weeks

I cant believe Im at 35 weeks. I have about 4 more to go if i can get induced at 39 weeks as my hubby is going to nz on my due date. Hopefully baby comes naturally on his own. I've been getting a few period like cramps a day on and off some-days nothing and other days allot. I also feel like baby is dropping as my tummy is getting lower and i can feel him in my pelvis when he moves around with a bit of pressure. Another symptom is peeing like crazy, getting up about twice a night to pee and busting in the morning. I've also had no energy to do simple things like fold and put away the laundry or cook, and when i do the dishes i have to lean on the counter because i get a sore back and cant stand for to long. I've given up walking and know i should try to keep it up but its just so hard and this summer hawaii weather isn't helping either its soooooo hot!.

Sleeping is hard, ill wake up in the middle of the night a couple of times to switch sides because ill be numb and i get more tired during the day then at night time so i find it hard to fall asleep at night. I don't know how women who have had more then 3 pregnancies do it, its so hard! lol. on top of that im up to 188pounds and will prob get to 200 yikes, i can totally feel the effects of this extra weigh (leg cramps) and cant wait to get rid of it once i can start exercising again. Even though i am super uncomfortable right now i always think in the back of my mind how grateful i am that this baby is moving around so much and that ive come this far. I wouldn't trade it for anything and cant wait to meet our son. Hubby and I were thinking of naming him Trey, in french it means 3, I miscarried twice and the third time was the charm! Do you all think that's a good name?

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1287017 tn?1537898943
by DellaKemp, Sep 20, 2011
I love the name. Do you think he will come early so your Dh can be there

1274271 tn?1453262165
by navaehlei, Sep 22, 2011
hopefully, doc said i can get induced if he dos net come by 39 weeks and 2 days, which is around the 6 or 7th of october. Fingers crossed he comes early naturally tho!

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