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Sep 12, 2011 - 0 comments



axillary mass

So I always had a "jelly roll" under my right arm, the Dr. told me it was just fat, no worries, but I was always self-conscious about it and could never wear pretty clothes.  My breasts are huge, I have to wear underwire bras with a sports bra over it to keep everything supported.  I've been an athelete my whole life, riding horses, training and showing them, and skiing, hiking, and the breasts have been in my way forever.

The beginning of the summer the lump under my right arm started growing very fast, and it got hard and it hurt.  I've had mammogram, ultrasound, mri and a biopsy.  Not cancer, thank God, but a lipoma tumor has formed under my arm, in my arm pit.  Needs to come out.  So I'm reading all these comments, testamonies, and looking at pictures to see what to expect.

I'm scheduling a 2nd opinion with surgeons at our university hospital, and am going to see if a breast reduction is something they can do at the same time they remove the tumor.  I know that surgery can't solve everything, but I keep thinking, how nice it would be to be a C cup, and to be able to wear a sundress!

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