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Sep 13, 2011 - 0 comments

The summer has been insane and busy, but now summer is over and fall is proving to be even more hectic!

I'm still running for leisure.  I get out on average every other day if not every day.  I've kept the same route, adding a little more distance to my runs every other time (or so) but lately I've tackled routes that are much less flat.  I keep track of how much further I've run using a pedometer tracker I've found online:  

I love that it enables me to keep very close watch on my progress.  I haven't been measuring my time, but I can guess by my lunch hour running sessions that I can more or less run 3kms in 20-25 minutes.  I should really invest in a stop watch so I can get a better idea of my time.

  My calves have never been more rock solid (and sore! haha) I think next year will be when I start registering for races.  I've also noticed that my breathing has changed while running. It seems that my breathing will (usually) correct itself if I begin to feel winded.   I've been told that happens; that the body will find ways to regulate itself.  Hearing about it and experiencing it are two different things.  It's very encouraging!  

Besides running, I'm only a few days shy of being smoke-free for 4 months!   I'm not even going to attempt to cover all the positive changes that making that choice has done for me. I feel incredible!  I'll never smoke again!  

Yoga & dancing have sort of been put to the side and have become things I practice only on occasion. But I DO practice!!  Yoga comes more naturally for me and my dance routine is getting impressive! (^_^)

Tutoring continues as well.  I have the same 4 students who have taught me just as much about teaching as I've taught them about english!  
My lessons lately have consisted of writing "penpal letters" to each other weekly.  We each describe three interesting events of our week, we exchange & read them out to eachother;  I correct and explain any grammar errors I notice & we have a discussion about it afterwards.  They key, I've discovered, is to keep them talking!!

We also do an exercise where I will show them a picture and ask them to describe it in as much detail as they can think about.

These are my two favorite activities because they seem to benefit my students the most (and they seem to like them the most also!)

Other things I do with them is read novels with them (sometimes I read, sometimes they read), written grammar/verb exercises, "I spy" (a game where one person describes something that they see in the room and the other person has to guess which item), and finding synonyms.. just to name a few of the activities we do the most frequently.

All these have proven to be very useful english teaching tools that keep the students interested and engaged in the learning process.  They are all doing extremely well!  They're such amazing people.

The garden flourished, despite a wet summer and sub-standard maintenance on the part of yours truly. :/  I need to have a solid plan & design for my garden for next year instead of just "winging it" like I have the last 2 years.  
I'd like to move all of my herbs into their own spot and keep the area I have now for vegetables and the wildflower border I planted around it (which should look especially lovely next year when my lupins have matured and are ready to bloom)

My last update is that Harvest Jazz & Blues officially kicks off today!  :)  Let the partying begin!

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