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Spotting Mid-Cycle

Sep 13, 2011 - 9 comments



mid cycle





So I Just Went To Pee A Minute Ago Lol, And Decided I'd Jot Down What I Saw...

So I Went To The RR To Pee And I Seen Some Light Brown Spotting On My Panty Liner.. Im Sure I Havent Ovulated Yet Cause My Temps Dont Indicate That I Have Just Yet, So Im Kind Of Freaking Out About It Lol. I Have Read That Some Women Do Spot During Ovulation But Ive Never HAd Mid Cycle Spotting Before, And Def Not During Ovulation. Ive Had Some Mild Cramping On And Off For A Few Days, And Yesterday I Felt It On Both Sides When Usually Its On mY Left Side. So Idk What To Think About This Just Yet, Its Def Not Heavy Nor Am I Cramping Its Just Brown, And I Know It AF Cause I Just Had Her A Lil While Ago.. Who Knows What This Means But Im Gonna Just Wait It Out And See What Happenes.. SSBD

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by cindylouwho514, Sep 13, 2011
I've had some mid cycle spotting last year. I really don't know what it was from because 99.9% of my cycles were normal with no spotting in between. I wasn't on anything such as birth control or any fertility pills or anything so I don't know what happened. I do know that sometimes our hormones get wacky and weird things happen. Maybe you were ovulating. Sometimes the temping thing can get tricky. Hopefully you ovulated and you will get that BFP soon!

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by Vantom, Sep 13, 2011
i hope so to cindylouwho :)

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by ashante525, Sep 13, 2011
omg van! im saying dat bc i inbox u about the same thing.. i hope we get our bfp tis month! SSBD UR WAY..XOXO

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by Gardezi, Sep 13, 2011
i had the same thing with my last cycle....and i too never had mid cycle spotting i guess that was a hormonal thing. i hope its ovulation for u...SSBD

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by Vantom, Sep 14, 2011
@Ashante: yea i remember that, i soooo hope we get those bfp's this month 2.. ssbd

@Gardezi: i hope its ovulation happening 2 lol... ssbd

Thanks You guys :))

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by pb95, Sep 14, 2011
I had midcycle spotting twice before my miscarriage and since then I have had it many times.  Especially in the immediate months to follow.  It has always been around my ovulation time.  I have seen the family doctor, gyno and naturopath for it and they have all said it is normal and I shouldn't worry about it.  I have read it can be from the egg maturing, or the cervix being low and sensitive (so BD can irritate it).  I also think it can be because of hormonal issues.  Either way I think it is good for you because it sounds like your body is doing what it should.  Your temps may not have changed yet, but my spotting always indicated that o was on the way so that is good for you!!! It frustrates me how many women have this problem and how many doctors just shrug it off.  SSBD

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by Vantom, Sep 14, 2011
thanks for that info, yea docs dont tell u anything anymore... I had to look it up yesterday and see what it means lol but it said exactly what u just told me and i made sure i bd yesterday just in case lol.

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by retta483, Sep 14, 2011
Ive had it the last few cycles and it was a week after my af right after i got my positive opk so i think it was a ovulation /hormonal thing .

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by Vantom, Sep 14, 2011
Oh okay thanks retta :))

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