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Leaving the past

Sep 13, 2011 - 0 comments



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relapse prevention

This addiction has cost you so much already, you have done horrible things to people you claim to love and care about,  how much longer can you get away with being the master of deception and a natural con-artist?  things are catching up to you, you have worked so hard to get back on your feet from losing your last 2 jobs because of your opiate are at a fork in the road, the withdrawal is overwith, you have done the worst so you can continue to live in this cycle that consist of three primary elements that make up your life: Broke, High, or in withdrawal, that is all that you worry god has given you the chance for a liftetime career opportunity, you can throw that opportunity away, or you can stop today, let today be the last day, and then just worry about each single day after that.  Worry todays worries, because tomorrow will have worries of its own........You are a beautiful person inside that has so much passion for life and the things that make you who you are, people are naturally drawn to your charming sense of humor and energy for life, you are outgoing and gregarious, Intelligent and ambitious.  You have the chance to get out of this hell forever and pursue your dreams and aspirations........but if you continue to use, you will not have a chance  at a happy life, your daughter will lose the quality of a good and sincere father, you are not this person anymore, that person was your worst enemy, and you must fight that person second by second, for he will pour poison in your ear,  give you any exuse you will succumb to in order to get high, to get away.........Deal with lifes stresses head on, as soon as they occur, and remember Idleness is the devils playground, stay busy, continue training and fighting in MMA, keep your spirituality and grow with god, for he is the reason you are who you are, he alone knows all of your miraculousness for it was he who will guide you through this storm in spite of everything you have done, you must work for the rest of your life to overcome your sins, its time to learn to love yourself and the life that you lead.

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