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Migraine or Neuralgia, Lymes the culprit?

Sep 14, 2011 - 0 comments




I've had migraines all my life, well most of my life from adolescents on. I call what I have now migraine because it is a severe sharp pain from my neck up behind my ear to my temple and face. This can occur on my right side or both sides of my head. The right side includes my face sagging (eye droops) and my cheekbone gets numb. On occasion when I'm not having a major episode, I have a deep sharp pain under my cheek bone and/or under my jaw bone towards the ear.

I'm journaling today because I believe these are more a neurological affect from neuro damage from Lymes than classic migraine. The pain goes outward in instead of inward out like vascular migraines I've had.

I saw a Neurologist who took me off the antibiotics Ive been on for seven months to retest what tick illnesses I may have besides what the Lyme specialist caught.
I am thinking that maybe the ABX were an irritant that exasperated the pain, since I only developed this type of pain on my Lyme treatment.
I'm concerned also about stopping the ABX. I'm at the stage in my treatment where I was ready to add another abx and start kicking the Lymes, Babesia and Mycoplasma's butt.

I have to address the pain. The pain has to take precedence over anything right now. Both the Neurologist and the other Dr. Are ILADS Lyme doctors.

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