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ARGH!!!!!!!! All I have to say

Sep 15, 2011 - 5 comments

I HATE THIS  hate not being able to do anything anymore - We have a group of girls 4 of us who have birthdays two weeks apart and we always celebrate together - And that time is coming up and I CANNOT participate and I hate this - they are going to dinner and then a club - I can't even go to dinner since I cannot wear any shoes other than sneakers - cant go to clubs cause can't walk anywhere without help - and hate for those I am with to worry about crowds pushing me etc,  I just want to sit and cry and can't even do that since I am at work -  Just want to give up say the heck with it quit it all and move somewhere no one knows me and just be alone -  Have thought about it and if it wouldn't just crush my parents I would  and so very very very frustrated.  

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by drsdonthelp, Sep 15, 2011
Hey you!!!! It definately gets frustrating and letting it out like you just did, is A BIG RELIEF! You will never be alone !!

I can relate to how you are feeling. Crying is what I do best! I wear slippers all day long, unless I have an appt. but, a pair of heals is SO OUT OF THE QUESTION! I am afraid that I am going to miss a step and fall flat on my face. I fear driving so I have to depend on others to get me places. You start to feel hopeless. You want to have your life back and it seems so out of reach right now.

I feel your pain sista!! Just know that I am here for you. It's very hard to stay positive when you feel this down, but hang in there!!

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by beachcomber13, Sep 15, 2011
Oh, no, I'm so sorry. Hang in there? Ugh. I'm terrible at consoling people, and frankly, I'm a blubbery mess myself today.

Are you going to the MS Can Do thing in Frederick this Saturday?

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by Jacksmom516, Sep 16, 2011
Thanks!  It was a bad day yesterday -  

no unfortunately I am not - I work two jobs - one 9-5 during the week and on Saturday and Sunday - part time  unfortunately I am in the mortgage business and things being what they are I work weekends too!  I miss out on alot but ..........what can you do.  I think I am better today - just such a funk yesterday and the not being able to control the crying is sucky!  hate that part.  Have a fun filled day of Dr appts on Tuesday - will let you know how that goes!  Seeing PCP - to start lymes testing and Endocronologist for my annual THyroid check then sonogram of thyroid and blood work.  Since I do not have a dx yet I am looking at all things it could be while waiting for approval for my MRI's - gotta love ins. co's

Anyway - hope you are better today too - have a good weekend!


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by beachcomber13, Sep 17, 2011
They haven't checked Lyme yet? So sorry. Mine's already been checked twice with blood, once with lumbar puncture. Maybe depends what your insurance allows. And I can't believe your insurance won't let you have MRIs... I've had several. My company gave me one choice for insurance, and for years I've hated the amount they take out of my paycheck every month. But now that I need good insurance, I don't mind so much!

I know what you mean about a funk. I was definitely in one on Thursday, a little better yesterday. Much better today! Just had my second dose of high-strength solumedrol. Gives me a disgusting bitter taste in my mouth, but I think it's helping. I just walked up my stairs twice without needing to hold on to something. Fingers crossed I'm getting better, not just having a good afternoon. ;)

I think I'm going to try Dr. Jelinek's advice. Have you seen his website?

He's a doctor with MS. The diet is super healthy in general, but I like that he explains supplements, vitamins, and drug therapies. Good reading, helped me feel more empowered to help myself and actively partner with my neuro (once I get a good one, ha).

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by Jacksmom516, Sep 19, 2011
Thanks for the info on Dr Jelinek - will take a look

No for two years I had Dr's telling me It was a foot injury that was causing my issues! So I am at the start of this craziness -As far as MRI's go had one set without contrast - didnt show anything my DR wants ones with contrast so waiting on insurance co to approve -

Not a bad weekend - usual issues but overall not a bad mindset and being sick did not consume my every waking minute like it usually does so - that is always a good thing!  

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