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doc visit didnt know i was coming

Sep 15, 2011 - 2 comments






ok its 1020pm est and just wanted to let you all know i showed up at my pain management docs office today and confronted the nurse who was a ***** on the phone about my meds and guess who came out while i was arguing with her my doctor, who then took me in the back and we had a nice long talk his reasoning for dropping all of my meds and putting me on morphine er 30mg was he and my nuerosurgoen thought i was on to many meds two weeks before the surgery and it could complicate things. ok i said well if you would have explained this **** to me in the first place i wouldnt be charging in here like a madman because im going through withdrawls that i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy i told him and he could tell i have not slept been throwing up badly and was shaking like i was having a sezuire so he tells me hes upping it to 2 60mg doses er a day plus 15mg immediate release for breakthrough pain . i was there for an hour and a half letting him know just what i thought of his incompetent nurse and he then got her and made her apologize to me for lying and said she will get written up for this . then he pulls out his cell phone and gives me his number and has me call it in front of him and says any problems or anything i can call him day or night which was a little comforting the 60mger seems to be helping he gave me promethazine for my styomach and valium to calm me down and ambien to help me sleep along with a twenty five minute apology

so dontb always believe the nurse that tells you he wont be there till next week cause it may be ******** sorry for the language still alittle p o at the whole thing but they sure werent ready when i showed up at the office today

victory is mine
god bless you all and hope you are well

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by geminigirl1963, Sep 15, 2011
YOU GO MIKE!!!  I'm so glad you went to the office and confronted that nurse, but especially happy that you got to sit down with your doctor and talk to him about everything.  I can now understand why he "downsized" your meds, but like you said, if he would have just explained that to you when he did it, it could have avoided a lot of this mess.  yes, you still would have the w/d symptoms, but at least you wouldn't have had to deal with an incompetent nurse and you would have known that even though you were feeling like sh**, your doctor was only doing what was in your best interest for a safer surgery.  It amazes me how often these doctors with all these degrees adn diplomas forget the very first step in helping their patients - COMMUNICATION!!

I'm glad that he was able to increase your long acting meds, as well as give you something for breakthrough pain, as well as something for your stomach and to help you sleep.  Hopefully the increase in the ER meds will help enough that you won't have to take too much of the breakthrough med.

I use phenergan (promethazine) for nausea/vomiting too when I need something and I find that it works quite well.  it does tend to make me sleepy, but when I'm feeling sick to my stomach or vomiting, sleep is a very welcome addition.

Have you ever taken Ambien before?  What strength did he give you?  I take Ambien nightly. Some nights it works better than others - but there are nights when nothing short of getting hit over the head with an anvil is going get me to sleep.  I do know that without it, I probably would never sleep - or at least not more than an hour or two.

I'm especially happy that he gave you the valium and the ambien to help you relax and be able to get some sleep before your surgery.  As I'm sure you know all too well, the better rested you are BEFORE surgery, the easier your recovery is going to be.  If your body is already worn down to its nubs from lack of sleep, it's working overtime and therefore won't (or may not) have the reserves necessary to recover from a majory surgery or trauma.  Do double check with your doctor and/or surgeon, but I would definitely suggest taking those meds the night prior to surgery to make sure you get the best possible night's sleep that night.  You may even want to ask them if it's ok for you to take a valium the morning of your surgery so that you are not overly anxious when you get to the hospital and while they're prepping you.  I know sometimes they don't want you to take ANYTHING wihtin a certain number of hours of surgery, but it wouldn't hurt to ask them.  Tell them how apprehensive you are and see if it would cause any problems with anesthesia, etc., for you to take a valium that morning.  Even if they say they don't want you to, perhaps they could "flag" your chart about you being anxious so that they could maybe give you something through the IV when they are getting you ready  - they may prefer to do that so that a) you are going into surgery with a completely empty stomach instead of having pill remnants and water in there and b) they can control how much they give you - enough to help you relax, but not so much that it's going to interefere with your anesthesia.

One thing also - if you are having vomiting and find that you can't keep the promethazine down, it does come in a suppository form that your doctor may be able to switch you to.  I've had to have mine do that a couple of times when I've been so sick that I couldn't keep the med down, so of course, it wasn't able to help with the nausea.

I hope now that you've got more/better meds on board, that you'll finally be able to get some sleep tonight!

*Holding my glass of diet coke up to you for a celebatory cheer* --**KLINK KLINK*!!

God Bless and Sleep Well,

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by StevetothaD, Sep 24, 2011
Props.. And good luck with the withdrawls bro it isnt easy...i hope we all get our **** takin care of soon man.

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