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Sep 16, 2011 - 0 comments







Stress and anxiety


Diet and Exercise

I thought I'd do this as a way to keep track of my issues with anxiety as they come and go. I seem to have responded very well to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and my anxiety level has declined considerably in the past year. There are still moments and situations that will make me turn inward and panic quietly, but I can't remember the last time I truly freaked out where it wasn't actually justified; that seems like a good ad for CBT.

In the meanwhile, my shrink's orders to exercise more have really started to pay off. In the past year I've gone from a 44' waist to a 40', which, for someone my size, is great, and I'm back to the size I was when I played football in college. Still have 50lbs to go to my goal of actually being athletic in a traditional sense, but I haven't had a moment of self-doubt about getting there since I committed myself to being healthier both mentally and physically. This has been a boon, as my marriage has really been struggling, and I would have fallen apart had I been at this point last year before CBT.

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