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Oct 03, 2008 - 1 comments



pediatric cardiologist


pregnancy after m/c

Everything went great, the boys are doing awesome. I am sooo glad they have names finally I feel very relieved. Alexander weighs one pound and is finally stretching out a bit, Ethan weighs one pound two ounces and is curled up in a little ball right now. On the 17th we meet with a pediatric cardiologist who is going to check out their hearts very throughouly as I guess twins have a higher risk of abnormality. The week after is a consult with the high risk docotor and another u/s. Then we get to start weekly OB appts. - time is really going to start flying now!!!

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by asher01, Oct 03, 2008
i bet ur so excited to get them babies out of there. i sure would be. i couldn't imagine being pregnant with twins, is it really different from only having one? i really love the names u picked. i gotta come up with another L name. my fiance is on this L thing haha. my son is logan daughter london. but there really are not many i like left haha.
well take care keep in touch

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