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I have been watching my entries and my sleep patterns along with exercise and pain and fatigue.  As I am detoxing I'm finding that my pain is reducing and over the last couple of months my sleep and moods have much improved.  The regulation of the hormones is a definite plus.  I keep tabs on what I do so that I do not overstress myself and do more than I am capable of.  I've found that my concentration is still not as good as I would like it to be.  This I have noticed because of returning back to my music program and I seem to goof off and my mind wanders while everyone else is concentrating.  Only because of this I realize that I have to focus more on the task at hand.  There's no doubt that I have progressed and will continue as long as I stay on this protocol and I have been told that this is now a life long thing.  It seems that I will continue to require the injections and all the supplements.  I also found a new product told to me by my pharmacist for pain and this is Traumeel as a sublingual and it definitely helped when my neck was killing me.  Since beginning back onto the DMSA pills and the Metagenics Ultra Clear Plus and Indole 3 Carbinol for Estrogen support some more little changes happening.  I still require the Burbur Detox as my herxheimer symptoms are resolved because of this.  My symptoms from my legs jiggling during and after I eat are caused by ingesting food and the Burbur takes this away as I'm detoxing the metals from my body.  I have just started Thursday Sept. 16, 2011 back on the chelation pills to remove the rest of the lead and mercury.  The lead came down quite a bit, however the mercury went up on this last test.  The Ultra Clear Plus is a detoxifying powder that I also drink once a day to help remove toxins from the liver.  I have so many supplements and I have to buy these latest ones from Metagenics.  I have found the I can purchase the Estrogen booster from Lifestyle Markets, but cannot find the Ultra Clear anywhere, so I will need this for about 3 months.  This is what it says on the packaging.  All this kind of cleansing was what a naturopath had started me on last November , however my body was so sick and toxic that it couldn't handle it and I ended up in the hospital.  Through this protocol, it has been approached slowly and tackling each issue as it arose.  We first got the Candida undercontrol with Diflucan and then a infection with anti-biotics and now still dealing with the heavy metal toxicity.  I do feel overall better and the muscle pain is reduced to nothing.  The only pain I get is when it gets me in the tailbone or my neck, which is also slowly subsiding with treatment.  I will now only take the Traumeel to relieve pain when I have it so that I can get at the inflammation rather than add to the problem.  Man what we have to do when we get old to take care of our bodies and our minds.

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