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No real news... once again.  

Sep 20, 2011 - 4 comments

I went back for monitoring this morning.  RE feels like I should be getting a heavy AF any day now which is apparently what he wants to help shed the lining.  I go back on 9/30 for monitoring again.  

I'm getting a iittle annoyed about the whole thing to be honest with you.  It's getting to the point where I just don't care one way or the other and I just want to forget about the whole thing.  Three years of my life trying to get knocked up and all I have gotten is a lot of stress.  I'm tired of the journey, I'm tired of the ride, I want to get off now.  

Sorry ladies, I may take a break from here for a few days.  I want to support all of you in your journeys.  I'll be saying my prayers for all of you but if I go missing for a few days, please know I'll be with you in spirit.  

You know what maybe I am so emotional today because my AF is due - but whatever it is I just can't deal with it right now.  

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by Kricket212, Sep 20, 2011
Hang in there, Think positive.  You will get there....sending you lots of baby dust.

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by carolyn865, Sep 20, 2011
I'm so sorry -- I've had those days too, so I can relate.  It does stink to keep hitting these road blocks especially when you are soooo close.   You should go out and pamper yourself (mani/pedi or massage!) - you deserve it!   xo Carolyn

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by haz1104, Sep 21, 2011

take it easy..just remember that at the end there's always good news and all of us previous TTCers r a living proof of that..hang in there its gonna get better soon..I'm sure! :)

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by plumber43, Sep 30, 2011
Hi Honey, I'm so sorry you have to wait, I know it's just another thing! I know in just a few months you'll be on here complaining about morning sickness, sore boobs and swollen ankles! Yeah you should go for a  Mani/Pedi, they always help!
Love hugs and SSBD

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