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Is my GP bullshitting me about why I won't get to see a neurosurgeon?

Sep 21, 2011 - 0 comments






My family doctor says no surgeon will even look at me until I "almost can't walk".

That seems like a hell of an indictment of either our true knowledge of spinal health, or the true condition of Canada's health care system.

I've heard of (and MET) too many successful back surgery candidates/graduates to believe that I have to be CRIPPLED before either a) it's worth the risk of going into an operating room........or b) Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan (OHIP) will cough up the resources required to "give" me a pain free existence in exchange for all the money I've paid into the system in my 42 year working life.

It almost seems our system is "designed" to create drug addicts.

Say it isn't so.

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