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AFib 11:40pm-1:15am

Sep 20, 2011 - 0 comments

Laying on left side in bed brought it on again! 8 out of 10 on Fish Flopping scale. Only took 200mg Flecainide at once because I had taken 1 Benadryl before bed to be able to sleep and worried it would interact with the Flec and bring BP down too much. 120/96 was the highest. 98/75 was the lowest, so ya, I'm glad I held off a bit of the Flec. I wasn't too Tachy: 136-high, then: 81, 106, 71, 118, NSR. Maybe that's just what the machine catches at that time? Still, I think the med is working to help keep me on the low Tachy side. I HATE this! I can't sleep very well anymore!!!

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