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Sep 21, 2011 - 2 comments

Well met with my new PCP yesterday and all I can say is wow - I love her - Like my neuro too but she of course is only dealing with one side of this "illness" whatever it is that is doing this to my body -  My PCP examined me and said this doesn't make sense - but I will find out what is wrong with you - my symptons are not consistant with anything but she is doing a full blood panel and workup on me and she is bound and determined to figure out what is wrong =  of course still have new MRI's to get done but at least I now have more than just neuro in my corner!  YEAH its a happy day!

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1740498 tn?1328962585
by beachcomber13, Sep 23, 2011
Wow!! What a relief. I hope you can get answers that help you feel better!

1760800 tn?1406753451
by Jacksmom516, Sep 23, 2011
Yes It is awesome to have found a DR that actually listens and wants to help!  She is getting all my records from all the other Dr's and with then with the blood work hopefully between her and Neuro we can find out what "this" is - even if it is bad news better than not knowing anything -  

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