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injection #10 & #11

Sep 22, 2011 - 0 comments

Two weeks that blur together as one long bout of nausea, headache and fatigue.  Barely eating anymore since everything smells funny but still manage toast & fruit.  One more week of BI 201335 and then 12-36 more weeks of SOC.  Last sfx has been constipation which adds to the fun.  Feeling like a walking pharmacy from all the pills.  Add a few hot flashes and sweats with the rash for a bit of itch.  Blisters pop up and itch all over my legs, torso and hands.  Like a lamb to the slaughter.  Wonder if it really does get better when tx is done?  Tomorrow is dart night gang so get ready for another great weekend.  If I don't clear the ******* I'm gonna go postal!  My laptop is keeping me sane - watched all five seasons of Dexter which oddly has a calming effect.  Now into season 3 of Californication and all 8 seasons of Shameless-brilliant!

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