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Need a doctor who treats Female Urology/Gynecology

Oct 03, 2008 - 2 comments

female urology




Interstical cystitis


female bladder discomfort



Thank you for reading my post.

My name is Michelle, a 45 year old, over all healthy women.

Currently, I have intermittent on/off frequent urination, pressure, pain/discomfort in my lower tract/urethra area.

I have had MRI and Ultra Sound, findings are a few benign cysts on my ovaries.

Tested for UTI, negative.

Note, I also take medication for Bipolar disorder.  I am not sure if that medication irritates my bladder?

Question: I would appreciate advice, referral to the appropriate doctor(s) who specialize in this area of (female) Urology/Gynecology in Los Angeles or surrounding areas.

Time is of the essence, I take pain medication and need a doctor a.s.a.p.

Thank you.

Michelle Lev

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by slimbo12, Mar 17, 2009
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by heavenlyhelp, Mar 02, 2015
it is possible that you may have a disorder called interstitial cystitis, and certain foods , such as spicy foods and acidic foods and drinks could make the pain worse. it will also cause frequent urination due to the urine being acidic. there are treatments to help soothe the mucosa, such as bladder instillations, but in your case it would be important to treat the urethra also. if you haven't tried elmiron , then they may be an option for you, but it does have a side effect of hair loss.
the instillations can be a heparin cocktail, elmiron cocktail, dmso, etc. you can google interstitial cystitis and see if you fit in that category. I wish you luck

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