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What on earth?

Sep 22, 2011 - 1 comments

I look pregnant D= all test comes back negative Ive had periods i think I know after giving birth you have a tummy but mine is going away its getting slightly bigger and firmer what on earth is going on ... Ok Im not to concerned if I am I am if not ok Ive been seeing my doctor regularly Im still on prenatals Im all good =D

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by Tokineshie, Sep 22, 2011
hello and i am a registered nurse i read you comment and just thought i would let you know yes after giving birth depending on you pregnancy and how your diet was you can lose wait then gain it back i my situation after i had my first child my belly did expand however small but still noticeable. if you are sexually active after you have given birth their is a high chance that you can become pregnant again i would advise against it due to the fact that you body has not had sufficient time to heal its self. also their is nothing wrong with continuing with your prenatal however i would suggest that you go on adult vitamins or supplements if you are not pregnant. their is nothing wrong with continuing prenatal i would just advise adult suppliants.

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