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what to do?

Sep 23, 2011 - 4 comments








at my 37 week appointment today doctor told me that our babies head is down and low. my cervix is still closed but very soft, ive been having period like cramps on and off they are getting stronger each week and alot of pressure down there.  what do yall think my chances are of giving birth around 39 weeks? my hubby is leaving on my due date to nz and i really dont wanna get induced but will have to if baby is not here by 39 weeks. arhhhhh

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by PetiteWonder, Sep 23, 2011
It is very very possible but at the same time, you never know.. My baby has been heads down and very very low since 32-33 weeks, my cervix was also very short, extremely soft, but closed at that time.... My doctor was pretty convinced i wouldnt make it much passed 35 weeks and yet here I am still pregnant.,..

You are really close to your due date so I wouldnt be surprised if labor started soon but just never know with this business.  Perhaps maybe you should try some of the raspberry leaf tea to see if that can get it started .

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by Leyisel21, Sep 23, 2011
You never know honey... I was just lile that since 34 weeks and gave birth at 39.5 days i know how you want to get it over with but be patient ull have ur baby in your arms soon... Good luck!

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by Loveday511, Sep 23, 2011
You really never know.  I had those same feelings starting around 35-36 wks and I just knew my son was coming earlier than 40wks......well I was wrong :-(  He actually decided to come late and I was induced at 40 wks 5d.  WALK WALK WALK....ALOT and BD a lot!!!  Good luck

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by navaehlei, Sep 24, 2011
thanks everyone!

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