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Losing control

Sep 24, 2011 - 1 comments










4 days of sobriety... its hell. bad enough to make me want to completely give up once again. my back aches, my veins burn, and i have absolutely no energy. i would give anything for jus one more fix. but im trying to get over this for once. my friends are getting fed up with me and my lies to cover my drug use. they always get really upset with me when i steal pills.... especially from my grandma.... idk i feel completely hopeless at this point, drugs are all i can think about and i have no idea how to make it stop.

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by Got2bstrong, Oct 08, 2011
Dont give up!! I have started today to stop taking 3 10mg/325mg a day. I was addicted to roxicotins 3 years ago and got through that. We can do this together. You are 4 days ahead of me.

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