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Sep 24, 2011 - 2 comments





low grade





Upon having my mother-in-law here for her birthday the family entertained the idea of having Chinese Food ordered in along with the cake.  Our daughter phoned and inquired about the msg and some of the dishes already had it in them and I did have some of these foods which triggered the first one.  The pain dragged on throuhgout Thursday and into Friday and finally I took the Relpax at bedtime.  We took our visitor to the airport and had lunch and I ate a burger which I paid for and not sure of what the culprit food was.  I think it was the smoked bacon on this burger.  Again suffering a low grade headache which I will take Ibuprofen later so that I have a better day tomorrow.  The Relpax definitely affected me and I was very tired this afternoon and was falling asleep in my lazy boy chair, so the side effects from prescriptions are still a concern for me as the day after is always ruined somewhat.  I am really going to have to knuckle down on the foods culprits and stick with what I know is safe, cause I have not had any episodes of this kind in months.  Part of this may have been stress but I doubt it cause my headaches are usually caused by eating something that my body does not like.  Proof again that what we put into our bodies is the fuel and also the fire to light the pain back up in motion.  I again have learned that eating out is still risky business and I must be more careful of certain ingredients.  I do not wish to suffer because I made the mistake of putting something in my mouth that I should not have.  Dually noted so that I stay on the right track for life, in order to live.

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by maatson, Sep 24, 2011
Monosodium glutamate. 'Chinese restaurant syndrome'

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by bridgeovertroubledwater, Sep 25, 2011
Yes, indeed.  That was in some of the dishes that we ordered.  Strangely enough, had I not eaten the beef and broccoli or the sweet and sour pork, I would have been OK.  The rest of the food was made to order.  Oh and also the egg rolls had the msg, but I didn't eat any of them.  Today's headache was from the smoked bacon on my burger.  Eating out is getting to be too dangerous for me now.  

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