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09.23.2011: foot brace fitting on the way

Sep 24, 2011 - 0 comments

good news. VA patient advocate got in touch with my PCP to rewrite the civilian neuro Rx for a foot brace.  

seems the VA neruo's here blow you ******* off if you get something from civilian neuros.  if they don't like it they should start their own med practice. sure why not. treat your patients like that and see how large a practice you can build. i say go for it VA doctors. you'd like the extra money too, yes?

from experience its seems it depends on what mood the VA neuro is in if he/she will help much.  need that so you go to PCP. who would have thunk that? well, hats off to my PCP for that. contrast that with what other veterans tell me about the care they receive at their VA's. its all over the map, just depends on what city. so much for national standards!

for some reason i thought new VA regulations mentioned something different about VA acknowledging non-VA doctors. don't VA regulations mention something about the VA helping the veteran, such as SSD and claims?  kinda like Congress passing laws and someone forgot to read them. LOL    oh well, i've got brain lesions so WTF do i know.  too bad those lesions don't numb some pain and fracking discomfort, ya know?

i had frakin equilibrium issues in bed last night trying to sleep!! WTF. i really think that particular issue is degenerative destruction in my cervical area. it might be the ms lesions there though, but i don't think so. i bet the VA will want to do something about that when my medicare kicks in. you know, so they can bill them.

another personal therapy note to clear my mind.

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