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CD3 Blood Results

Sep 26, 2011 - 2 comments

LH 4.2
FSH 5.8
TSH 1.15

Looks like all of these are really good numbers, we will see what happens tomorrow with HSS, then maybe we will have more pieces to the puzzle. So far everything is good except low progesterone and not a ton of eggs.

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by Kimberleigh2208, Sep 26, 2011
I'm glad things are looking normal -- your FSH is definitely better than mine was.  Mine was around 11 and I think you are a couple years older than me.  I hope it gives you reassurance to see normalcy in the numbers you have although I know it stinks that these numbers don't give you an "answer" on why you haven't had a BFP yet.  I guess it just means more time to wait but at least you aren't having to be medicated for all kinds of things if your numbers are good.  Good luck with the HSS tomorrow -- not sure what it is but if you want to educate me (and possibly others), I'm here for the listening/reading!  :)

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by Cduv, Sep 26, 2011
Thanks for your comment!! I am so happy you were able to conceive using IUI - I am hopeful that we will try a couple more IUI's before IVF. We've been TTC for 21 months now,  The HSS is a sonogram where they will fill my Uterus with FLuid (Saline) to see if there are any obstructions or Septum, or anything complicating the process. Its an in office test and should be pretty easy, Ill definitely keep you posted!! xoxo

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