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MRI Tips

Sep 29, 2011 - 0 comments




I am feeling positive, so ready for my MRI in a couple of hours! This will be my fourth time in the tube, and I'm relieved that I have handled it pretty well. I think it's hard to predict how you'll react to the enclosure. There are some things that have made my [admittedly limited] MRI experiences good.

My MRI tips:
-Drink water a few hours beforehand so that you have decent veins for contrast injection. But don't drink water within an hour or so of the appointment, because you don't want to have to get up during the procedure.

-Wear MRI-friendly clothing. For me it is so much more comforting when I am wearing my own clothes instead of a hospital gown. I have a pair of scrub pants that I got at a thrift store years ago, and I wear a tee shirt. Socks. The radiology places have let me wear what I please, as long as I am "dressed for MRI." I can just stash my bra and purse in a locker and be ready to go!

-Make sure there is something soft under your head. Even if it's thin foam. For one of my MRIs, there was nothing under my head--it was against the hard platform. It got painful quickly, and I had to ask for the test to be stopped.

-Make sure your legs are comfortable. A gently graded pillow is best, but a regular wedge is also good. The point is that you need to be comfortable, and it's worth it to take a minute to adjust things.

-If you need to stop the test to adjust things or use the bathroom, ask. Don't be a hero.

Knowing that my latest MRI is 3T certainly helps me be calm. I know that I am doing what I can to get accurate images is empowering. I'm not just going into the test as a passive patient. I did my homework and chose this center because of its machine, so I am the one sending myself for the MRI, in a way.

So that's what works for me. Good luck with your own MRIs!

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