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Sep 30, 2011 - 1 comments

I am having pain in the back of my left leg that takes my breath away. It hits, lasts a minute or two then goes away. Is this normal or part of MS? I don't want to blame every little thing on MS. I am getting older and know that brings aches and pains. I hate that this disease is so confusing because it can cause so many things. Other things you think are strange and may be MS related aren't! Argggh! Does anyone else have this pain issue? This isn't the first (or second or third) time this has happened. Any answers out there?

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by lynne769, Oct 03, 2011
Oh yes I was suffering with that sort of pain severely even before they diagnosed me with the MS, its horrible unpredicatable and as you say it hits you and takes your breath away.  I was laid up screaming with the pain one night for 8 hours waiting for the A&E dr to come out to give me a injection to help relieve it!  
Also I suffer with OsteoArtitis and if its not one illness causing me grief its the other! At the moment I am feeling very low with all this sometimes I just don.t want to be here! As I feel no one is listening to me!
I hope you find relief soon.

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