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Mental Health

Jan 25, 2008 - 0 comments






   I have always been told that journaling is therapuetic.  I have tried it, just never kept up with it. Don't know why. Today I feel pretty good....mentally that is LOL. My body feels like it is 100 yrs old. I didn't think being 47 yrs old would feel so bad/old. I mean I always thought I would be so active. I have 4-5 disc herniations in my spine, arthralgia of the spine, and some other things that slow me down. I never thought I would be disabled at this age. I considered 47 to still be young. Oh well...what is done is done. I am trying to keep a young mind. ha..ha. Jokes on me. That is all for today. My dogs just bellowed for food. Yes...belowed! LOL.
                                                 Speak atcha Later Gators,
                                                                        Grannie Kima

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