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GI concerns

Oct 01, 2011 - 3 comments

Acid reflux


upper abdominal pain


gastro tracker

I wasn't worried about my GI issues until recently. Acid reflux, sudden and searing pain in my upper abdomen that comes and goes. I can't lay down without getting a backwash of stomach acid. Food I used to enjoy now causes me agony just looking at them. I need to figure out my trigger food! This ***** :(

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1194973 tn?1385507504
by Clysta, Oct 01, 2011
Are you on medicines to help control the acid production? The majority of foods you want to avoid are chocolate, tomatoes, certain fruits (acidic ones) don't eat 3-4 hours before going to bed, don't lie down immediately after eating, etc etc etc. It can be super tough to figure out what triggers it, and you might have times where you're fine eating something once and the next day it makes you sick.

1293683 tn?1334022810
by tones99, Oct 01, 2011
oh that is hard to live with .. I only ever get it when I'm away on holiday and my diet changes to more readily available foods .. I find if I keep away from white foods (white bread, potatoes, pasta etc) and eat a wholefood diet, I don't have a problem .. when we go camping and are eating lots of bread, crisps, cheese and crackers and drinking wine too I get awful reflux.  Hoping you can find that trigger food!

1250698 tn?1371354879
by Becca323, Oct 03, 2011
thanks ladies! and Clysta, no, i'm not on any prescription medication for it. I just take Tums, Pepcid for the acid reflux and heartburn and I take a probiotic for the rest of the GI. I find the same problem! I could eat pizza and be fine, but the next day I wouldn't dare try to eat it again. What ***** is that my family eats a lot of pastas, Italian food, spicy foods. I have a suspicion that it's something to do with gluten and lactose in my diet. I don't know if I have a sensitivity or an intolerance to them.

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