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Well here I am....on pills again, 1 pill left, then will be off and struggling until I get more or stop this madness

Oct 02, 2011 - 3 comments






I'm going to look into NA this week. Maybe it will help to listen to others.
I'm sure this town is full of them as it is full of addicts.
I question whether I really want to stop. Maybe I haven't hit rock bottom? Maybe I am making myself believe its not that much of a problem because I don't take that many? I dont know. I'm lost and lonely with one to talk  to about it....

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by ImDONENoMore, Oct 02, 2011
I think when you start wondering whether or not you're an addict - you probably are.

Please give yourself more hope than you are - your statements about how you want to quit, yet now you're back on them and say you're struggling "until I can get more" - in my eyes, that makes you an addict.

I mean no harsh judgment because.  I am an addict.  So I'm in no position to judge.

And you might not think you're taking too many now - but give it time - your tolerance will go up and you'll need more and more of the drug to get the same effect.  At least that's what happened to me.

Only YOU can decide if you're an addict and if you need help.  And if you decide you do we'll be here - and there are other resources of support as well if you decide to do this.

Good luck to you.  And by the way, I'd choose "stop the madness".

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by ImDONENoMore, Oct 02, 2011
Actually I'm a "recovering" addict.  You could be one too you know.  :)

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by wannabeaquitter, Oct 02, 2011
I quit them F-ing pills for good i hope!! all it took was to make up my mind that NOTHING was going to control my life, i have  been eating and snorting about 5-7 tab 10s a day for 6 years, after saying i was gonna quit every time i was out, then buying more about a thousand times< I woke up 1 morning and told myself I'm done!!! and here I am 12 days later without taking 1 of the basty nastards it was tough but WE are tougher! I have broken 11 bones including my lower back and poured concrete for 28 years. arthrirtis in all my joints, BUT pain is better than addiction, pain is part of life it does not control it, pills DO!! make up your mind to QUIT and you can do it!! be strong and get help if you can, this site and my wife were the ticket for me, lots of good people on here with good advice and support! after 12 days i can say that i hurt and want to feel better but not bad enough to go back to being ruled by opiates. GOOD LUCK, STAY STRONG, and like they tell kids in school--- JUST SAY NO

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