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Side Effects With Victrelis

Oct 02, 2011 - 13 comments

side effects



Hep C, Gen 1, started treatment with 4 week lead in of Interferon and Ribavirin on 9-1-2011; 4 week labs -- 329,000, down from 10,700,000; added Victrelis 10-1-2011.  This is a continuation from my "Side Effects, Day by Day" entry. This entry will chronical side effects now that Victrelis has been added to the fight.

(Note: Week 1-4, no noticeable mood swings; a bit more impatient perhaps; currently on Sertraline; no depression, no rage; Note #2: also recently noticed drier skin, especially face and feet, and drier hair)

1 --  Week 5, day 2, added VIC; headache all day long, nothing helped; shaky; pain now in both ears; fighting off Vertigo; lower back pain on and off; noticeable weakness within the hour of taking 1st dose; still have weird burning sensation on the back of left shoulder blade; still have nausea on and off; bad metallic taste now too
2 --  No headache, yaay!  Still lower back pain, more intense today; weakness
3 --  Doc follow up; Weakness; bad metallic taste; lower back pain; muscle pain above right knee; slight fever; nausea; insomnia
4 --  Felt crappy in the morning from not enough sleep; headache; Vertigo Balance Test, set off the Vertigo several times; felt better when I left; insomnia
5 --  No back pain, yay!; lots of trouble waking up from having insomnia last night; slight fever; ear pain, Vertigo, so I stayed home; poured rain and was windy all day anyway, cold too
6 -- Ear pain, Vertigo; nausea; unsettling cold or flu like symptoms, had to leave work early; slight fever
7 -- SHOT #6, 9:30 p.m.; Not feeling well today at all; weakness; can't concentrate; still have slight fever, took Tylenol this time; ear pain, Vertigo; leaving work early again :(
8 -- Took morning meds and went back to sleep until noon; felt somewhat better; Vertigo all day on and off; headache, possibly from taking PM dose of RIBA about 20 minutes late
9 --  PM - Insomnia
10 --  Headache all day; slight fever; Vertigo
11 --  Nausea; weakness; fever; lack of concentration; Vertigo
12 --  NAUSEA; weakness; no fever
13 --  Feeling MUCH better this morning (YAAYY); ate something salty and had -- NO Nausea!!
14 --  SHOT #7: 9:30 p.m.; Milky white stuff in the corner of my eyes; No nausea this morning but definitely weakness or fatigue again; did pretty well until 3 pm dose of VIC, it hit me kinda hard (nausea, weak, dizzy), so I took a cab home; near perfect shot!  quick and no blood.....until I looked at my hand and realized my finger was dripping blood, because the needle scratched it when I took the needle cover off (doh!)
15 --  Milky white stuff in the corner of my eyes; dizzy; tired; cactus butt
16 --  Went to church :) sat during most of the singing, felt dizzy by the end of service; milky white stuff still in the corner of my eyes; tired; cactus butt, Prep H REALLY worked to get rid of that
17 --
18 --
19 --  Vertigo; tired; itchy elbows throughout the month but no rash; no motivation; weak
20 --  Better than yesterday but still: Vertigo; tired; ear pain; milky white eye stuff still happening even after flushed with Refresh Plus
21 --  SHOT #8: 9:30 p.m., no bleeding!; Vertigo; ear pain; nausea; a bit weak; I feel the VIC kick in 15 minutes after I take it, so it really hits me hard (morning & afternoon doses), and is hopefully killing off the Hep C
22 --  Slept late (after taking morning meds), feel pretty good right now (YAAY!); ear pain
23 --  Not feeling well today; no energy really; slept a lot; concerned about anemia, will call nurse tomorrow
24 --
25 -- LABS; indicated Anemia so, weak, dizzy, brain fog; stronger bad metallic taste; RIBA dose reduced until 31st
26 -- Same as yesterday; Spoke to nurse again; determined that I must eat a more balanced diet with meat and dark greens; went to Chiropractor for Vertigo adjustment (so to speak); felt like crap all night, even after a cheeseburger w/spinach
27 --  Felt much better this morning, more able to focus for a few hours; a bit short of breath on a walk uphill to the bank; had meatloaf w/spinach sandwich for lunch; felt like crap the rest of the afternoon/evening
28 -- SHOT #9, 9:30 p.m.; Felt much better this morning and afternoon; not feeling so great after 3:00 p.m. dose of VIC, always hits me kinda hard; forgot to check for flashback again on shot (oops!)
29 --
30 --
31 -- Follow up visit & hopefully 8 week results (which is 4 weeks on Victrelis)

11/2010 = 2,000,000
5/2011 = 9,260,000
7/2011 = 15,800,000
8/2011 = 10,700,000
9/2011 =   329,000
10/2011 = UND!!!!!

(After this journal entry, will only account for any totally new sides for the rest of treatment; Thanks for stopping by)

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by Gerbils, Oct 08, 2011
You are taking Victrelis and I took Incivek but you have a couple of sides that I had that I haven't heard from other people: the ear problems and the weird burning sensation on the back of the left shoulder blade! The shoulder blade thing was weird and went away once I was off the incivek. I think it is harder in the beginning sometimes. Hang in there and best of luck to you.

1711722 tn?1356491154
by beeblessed, Oct 09, 2011
Oh wow!!!  You had the burning sensation too??  I am not alone :)  Haven't noticed it today but boy is it weird.  Thanks Gerbils, take care!

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by runningbrit, Oct 14, 2011
thank you for posting your blog.   Very informative.   Glad to see that you are feeling a little better.   I will probably start this treatment in December when I get back from UK (have to see my mum again....she is 97 and when I start treatment don't know if I will be able to get there for a while).   You seem to be handling everything well??

Keep posting and good luck.   You are doing us all a great service!

1711722 tn?1356491154
by beeblessed, Oct 14, 2011
Wow.  Thank's so nice of you to say:)  People here have given me soooo much information, that the doctor's just don't have the direct experience to share.  So I am hoping my journal will help others long after I stop posting/updating.  Your Mom is 97?  What a blessing.  Enjoy your visit, take pictures, videos, write down some of her stories.  I recently got inspired by a picture of hands, and had my immediate family take a similar picture of our hands together.  Makes a great keepsake.  Wishing you all the best!

1693621 tn?1318906571
by sunshine415, Oct 16, 2011
hi, yah, the beginings aren't easy as I am reading your post. Our bodies need to get use to the 'Meds" that are going within our bodies,and they 're just saying like hey, what the heck , is going on???:~} But, slowly and hopefully surely, your body will start putting it all together knowing that there's a type of medicine versus's a silent virus.... and we need to be strong to hold on and get to the end to WIN... I'll be in your same boat, shortly, and am dreading it too. but, guess we need to try and try to pull thru it.... even with the highs and lows of the side effects.. God be with YOU and your MOM. tooo..... (((((HUGZZZ)))))))and thank ya for sharing... very considerate of you.... ty...

1711722 tn?1356491154
by beeblessed, Oct 16, 2011
Hi Ty, I think you meant RunningBrit's Mom (97 years young) but I'll take the blessing for my Mom too :)
Your statement is PERFECT on how our bodies are processing all this new stuff.  Every day is different and I'm hoping my anal record keeping will actually help others, long after I'm finished.  The biggest trauma for me has been in the "not knowing", so I hope to leave behind a glimpse of the journey.  Thanks.

1693621 tn?1318906571
by sunshine415, Oct 16, 2011
hi, hmm. sorry on the mix ....I am so glad that you are writing your journey of this long trail we have to hike upon... oh, I just wish that it could be so so much lighter on each and everyone of us going thru it... I was finally going to my Dr. to see when to begin..last Friday and got a call a few days before the day to go to let me know that she wouldn't be in the office.. greeeeaaat,,, only for 2 wks. got my great big Braviness on the ball to go and now shall be going on the 27th of this month.. so another 2 wks to ... ughhh, go thru the nervousness, just to go to the appointment.... hmmm.... ahh. whatcha gonna do?? Just hold on... and keep hiking up that trail... hopefully...... it just won't be to rocky..... God bless you thru thick and thin.... ((hugzz))

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by indy531, Oct 17, 2011
God bless you BB; I start Vic this Sat.; hgb dropping like a rock already but I had extraordinary baseline hgb to start (15.5) Now at 12.2; nowhere near enough to warrant help, but feel so tired and can't keep up w/students.

1711722 tn?1356491154
by beeblessed, Oct 17, 2011
Hey Indy!  Really?  Wow, your HGB is still better than mine when I started.  At last check, mine was 10.9.  I'm tired some days, and others I am not so tired.  With the VIC, be sure to get enough water in you, and it helps if you eat something a little salty to combat the nausea VIC can cause.  Blessings to you :)

1711722 tn?1356491154
by beeblessed, Oct 27, 2011
Oops, I forget the male/female equation on HGB.  I think for men, minimum should be 14; for women, minimum should be 12.  So when Working Dog said he dropped to 8.something.....OMG, that is low!!!  Mine has dropped again (to 9.1), so I currently have anemia.  We are taking steps to remedy that.

1882137 tn?1322261139
by JammieJay, Nov 07, 2011
Thanks for sharing!

Avatar universal
by runningbrit, Nov 15, 2011
Hello again BB..just dropping by to say hi ('hi").   I see that you are under.    Congrats!!!!   Has it been a hard road?   Sounds like you had a few tough times.    

Got back from UK on 30 Oct.   Flew into Newark during the freak snowstorm of the century.    Waited for my plane to DC (it's cancelled, no it's here, no it's cancelled, no it is coming).   Finally, after 5 hours of this we were all told to go home as the airport is shutting down!   Told to go to customer service but customer service had shut down because of, well, all the customers!!!   Managed to get my ticket changed at check in desk.   Get shuttle bus to terminal where all hotel phones are.   Shuttle buses from budget motels are beating clamoring customers off like they were a bunch of marauding zombies.   Finally found an absolutely beautiful (NOT!) hotel in downtown Newark.   It was the executive suite as it had a conference room (the only room available).   Yes it had a conference table but no heat.   Anyway, I am back.   Just thought I would entertain you for a while!!    

See the hepatologist from Johns Hopkins on Wed.   Can't wait to get this thing treated.   I take courage from your blog and see that you are fighting hard.   I will check in on you from time to time.


1711722 tn?1356491154
by beeblessed, Nov 15, 2011
Hey Lynda,

Welcome back!  Sounds like quite the adventure.  "Shuttle buses from budget motels are beating clamoring customers off like they were a bunch of marauding zombies."  LOL!!  Glad you made it through safely but what a nightmare.

John Hopkins is ranked #1 in 16 specialties (according to their website), so I'm sure you will receive the best care.  Thanks for stopping by =0)   Take care.

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