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Energy levels

Oct 02, 2011 - 0 comments

energy level










mood tracker







well, more than my mood, i would like to track my energy levels, so it's the same, but it isn't LOL

it was a good day
i went voting (it was election day here in Bariloche, Argentina)
don't know the results though hahaha

what else... uhmm yeah i had a beautiful afternoon with hubby and daughter
my son went having fun with his grandma and a friend of his, and his friend's grandma, so he had fun of course

no school day tomorrow because of elections

daughter already asleep now, and i had no dinner yet, but i have it already planned
it will be a potato baked with skin, margarine and 1.5 slices of whole wheat bread.
that's all, i'm not that hungry actually. :)

i'm planning on becoming a vegetarian
and start eating more vegetables and fruits
i want my kids to eat more vegetables and fruits
of course, they won't stop eating meat, that is a personal decision, i cannot choose that for them, but i'm surely gonna teach them some healthy stuff, so we can improve our health together.

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