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Barf. :)

Oct 03, 2011 - 2 comments



first trimester


early preganancy

soooo nauseous allll the timeeeeee.  not actually barfing yet though, which is preference.  Also getting a very weird/bad taste in my mouth all the time no matter how much I brush.  I brushed my teeth 5 times yesterday and no real improvement. yuck.  I looked it up...sounds like it's another pretty common result from all the estrogen in my system and a salt/baking soda rinse will help to restore the pH level.  I'll be trying that today.  Hopefully it doesn't make me ralph :)

Also very emotional!  So emotional!  So much more emotional than I've ever beenwith pms.  Everything makes me cry... good.. bad... happy... sad.  Yesterday dave (DH) and I were watching a documentary on oceans, and I started crying during the segment on sea slugs. so pretty!  wahhhh hahaha :) im a mess!  

Munching on animal crackers and saltines all day helps with my tummy.  My mom, who is a doctor, recommended dry cereal because it's fortified and a bit more nutritious, so dave got me some yesterday and I'm doing pretty well on it today.  fruit has been working as well.

Tomorrow is my ultra sound again.  I'm very eager to see that heartbeat!  And just 43 more days until the 2nd trimester and hopefully the return of an appetite and a steadier tummy.

Good luck all you first trimesterers! We'll get through this together :)

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1163388 tn?1337107959
by morbaby, Oct 03, 2011
oh my go you sound like me. I am brushing my teeth 5 times a day but no change especially where I can't put the toothbrush to the back of my throat because I am always nausea and i hate to throw up. But that is my exact sysmtoms.

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Oct 03, 2011
I felt EXACTLY the same when I was pregnant with my son.  (and I'm calling it now that you're having a boy - myself and all my friends that have gotten the 'bad taste' had boys - LOL).

Cereal worked for me along with oatmeal, yogurt, cheese sticks, bananas.  Also anything that was white (white bread, white pasta, white rice, etc.)  Not mutch nutritional value, but it should stay down.

Good luck with the ultrasound tomorrow!! :)

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