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mucus plug

Oct 05, 2011 - 4 comments

i think i may be slowly loosing my mucus plug, or was it just from my exam the ob did? well yesterday i noticed some slimy brown discharge, didnt know what to make of it except that maybe it was part of the mucus plug? correct me if im wrong. baby has good movements and i just had an ultrasound so i know everything is ok with him. Now my discharge is slightly brown, what does this mean? anyone? i will be 39 weeks tomorrow and im 1 fingertip dialted

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1528695 tn?1360582320
by logigirl, Oct 05, 2011
if im not mistaken some women have slight discharges that late in pregnancy with vag exams. I never lost my plug but i hear it's a lot of mucous with blood streaks in it.

1428239 tn?1333457053
by PetiteWonder, Oct 05, 2011
it differs for everyone.. it definitely could be from the exam.. but sometimes the exam can irritate things up there and cause you to lose parts of your mucous plug....  the mucous plug tends to be pretty thick.

1828594 tn?1319950538
by michellelynnxx3, Oct 05, 2011
the mucus plug is like the size of your thumb, its thick and a darker brown. it could be just from your exam. my friend had something similar happen to her and they said it completely normal. when you have discharge thats really watery and almost clearish, you should call your ob right away.. because that could be a sign that your water is leaking.. which can cause a dry birth! (my mom had that with my sister, it makes you and your baby very prone to infection!) just wear a panty liner to check it out.

1573097 tn?1354861263
by niso82, Oct 05, 2011
It means that ur so near from labour

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