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Nesting - this must be.

Oct 06, 2011 - 1 comments

This has to be nesting for sure.. The last two days have been non-stop for me.  I have been off work for a while and have no other kids.. I really dont have to do anything in particular on any given day....

The last two days, I have just had so much energy to get thing done..

Yesterday - Cleaned out the fridge (not just getting rid of things, scrubbing out the whole thing, taking out the drawers, getting all the cracks), washed all the clothes and put them all away (which I usually always leave one basket to put away a couple days later - dont know why.)  This was 4 loads of laundry (which im not even sure how since i did laundry last week too), straightened the bathroom since i just cleaned it, swept the hallway and main enterance way, and then I decided i was done for the day.. But sure enough, 30 minutes later, I found myself making shortbread cookies and banana bread.. So now not only am I baking but I making two different things at the same time???? I did all those dishes right away too

Then today, I get up at 7am at my own choosing and start doing the last of the couple dishes from the day before... then I go knit for a while, taking it a bit easy but then I head to the store... and I go grocery shopping.. I get back around 12pm, and was literally in the kitchen until 4pm.. I made split pea soup, lasagna, fish chowder, and home made tea biscuits....  The lasagna and split pea soup is to freeze for the future...  But on top of it through out this time, I was stopping to wash dishes and tidy up the kitchen.. You would hardly even know that I cooked 3 full meals in there today.. I really wanted to bake carrot muffins as well but I had to stop myself because it was getting a bit much...

If this isnt nesting then I dont know what it is.. there are still some things i want to do before the baby come such as mop the kitchen and clean the downstairs bathroom (we hardly use it so its never been a priority recently but it needs to be done).... So I mean i have things i really want to see get done but for some reason, I have this uncontrollable urge to cook all day.

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by Heather3418, Oct 07, 2011
Take it from a grandmother and great-grandmother - you are definitely "nesting."  I think all that sudden energy, prepares our bodies for birth.  I certainly don't know where the energy comes from, but nothing could slow me down when I was in my last week of pregnancy, with both of my children.  I had the cleanest house on the street....until....the baby came.

Enjoy the extra energy while you can.  You're going to wish you had some when the baby gets here.

Best of luck to you.  You're going to do just great through labor.

All the very best,
from the MS Forum

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