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Part II

Oct 06, 2011 - 0 comments

Sept 5, 2011 - Drove to work. On the drive there felt very dizzy to the point of nausea. Got in the office, and I was the only one there. Tried to get started, but couldn't. Kept feeling like I was going to faint. I work for United Blood Services, our center is accross the street from the hospital. I drove myself there and got into ER and barley made it to a chair. Someone came to ask me what was wrong. All I got out was I feel like i'm goimg to faint. I must have cause next thing I know i am in the back. They did CT scan, blood work, all the normal. Told me I had severe case of vertigo. Called my daughter to come get me. When I got home I called my neuro office cause i had my annual checkup that week and was going to cancel. The nurse answered the phone (weird right) and I told her what was going on and I was going to cancel. She said no, you have to come in. Moved appt to Wed. from there was at Imaging center for MRI on Friday.

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