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Hospital Visit Sunday

Oct 09, 2011 - 2 comments

I'll be delivering at the UT Southwestern St. Paul Hospital in Dallas, Texas

We drove out to the hospital today. It's a much welcomed rainy day since there has been a severe drought this year.

Grant learned how to get there....sort of. We figured just in case, for some odd reason, Bryan wasn't home, someone would be capable of driving me :)

We went and had lunch at Chuy's. Got dessert at Le Madeleine and came home to eat it with some coffee and have a relaxing rest of the rainy evening.

Our Baby Munchkin
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1118302 tn?1422498761
by yoha919, Oct 10, 2011
sounds like a plan lol! did they give you a tour of labor and delivery?

1703313 tn?1322582195
by ttc3since0908, Oct 10, 2011
No. We kinda just walked in and out. You have to get buzzed in past locked doors. We did go check out the post partum area. They buzsed us no prob. I talked to one of the nurses and asked a bunch of questions about the process at the hospital.
We could have gone to L&D but I just didn't want to hear anything, you know? LOL Not that I would. Just sayin.

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