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Oct 10, 2011 - 2 comments

I'm scared today ... was feeling weak and shaky in the shower, then felt a couple of skipped heartbeats and was certain I would keel over and die. Are my heart arrhythmias really benign? It doesn't feel that way to me. I feel like my heart is going to stop. :(

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by Gary10, Oct 10, 2011
Hey it's Gary10 I hope you are ok.if you need to talk I'm here to listen.I also so heart palpitation witch are called PACs I have those everyday at least 3 to 5 times a day it ***** bad.on top of having anxiety ,panic attack and stress.but want you o know were are all here to help each other as much as we all can.I hope your evening gets better for I tell everybody I'm here to listen or help if I can.

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by HamedKhatiz, Oct 11, 2011
Yeah, I get that too. No dramas. Trust me, you are not going to die, you're too young. Literally, your body won't have any of that. You sound happy (I know that might sound like a bit of an assumption). And going by the name, you are beautiful. I am naturally kind of a hypo person, and relaxed, I have multiple personalities, what about you, your attitude towards life and your personality and your major emotion, those would have a murderous impact on your heart and your arrythmias. Again, I have that too and I am fit ENOUGH to play rock on the kit. So if I am not dead, you will certainly not come anywhere close to remotely dead from this.

P.S. Didn't we talk about this a couple of weeks ago? How long has this been going on. Inbox me :)

P.P.S. I think you spelt kneel wrong.

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