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Finished classwork

Oct 05, 2008 - 0 comments

Finished one assignement yesterday (Sat.) about one min. before it was due.  Today worked on substantially larger project that I've had all month to do.  I spent one hour messing with my webcam and finished up at 3:47 with due time at 3:55.
Whew!  Inside, I knew I could pull it out of my **** on some level, but it was stressful leading up to it. i just couldn't make myself do it.  This time around I'm going to try to finish weekly assignment early in the week.  We'll see.
Wished I had a "normal" life and could've gone outside this weekend, but I've spent so much time in bed after work this month that I got behind on this school stuff.
As for work, still having weird dynamic with my unhappy boss.  Spent  a lot of time thinking about my relationship with the kids - am I too friendly and not strict enough??? That was spurred by a SuperNanny episode.
But tonight I just feel like ******it.  It's taxing me a whole lot when my boss isn't doing anything on her side.  I don't have to devote a lot of energy to change myself.  I think it's above and beyond to try to change in the hopes of Maybe improving.  But I'm not sure what I'm improving.
So, tonight I don't feel motivated to work on this stuff too much.  I may be too laid back, but she's at the other extreme.
Sigh....Life's hard enough. I feel resentful about this situation at work. As I've said before, I look forward to tomorrow for seeing the kids.

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