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I've been watching what has been happening for me and it seems that my moods are strongly affected by the detoxification process.  I've been taking two new supplements and not sure if this is why things have been changing for me.  My legs are driving me nuts cause of the jiggling and more pain has come up because of this.  I'm not sure if it's something else cause my calcium level was high and that points to Hyperparathyroidism.  When I think back to complaining that I was starting to get back headache pain however they never really turned out to be a headache and now I find when going on my Ceragem bed, I feel abdominal pain with the rollers, so this could very well be something else.  There's the damn uncertainty and it's affecting my mind as well.  I hopefully will be speaking to the doctor on Thursday as I connected with them and made this appt.  I'm also finding it tuff to get support now and this alters things for me as well.  I remember clearly that I had neck pain and thickness sensation, kinda of like being choked and now it's more tremors and renals are going a lot as well.  Also I had kidney pain and it left and now my liver gets more spasms, so it seems to change.  No doubt i'ts stressing me out and of course that doesn't help the whole merry-go-round.  I need answers and maybe gets some on Thursday.  

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by bridgeovertroubledwater, Oct 14, 2011
I've been feeling a sore throat for almost 2 weeks now and had a throat swab and it revealed no strep.  I did the salt garlgling and then Oil of Oregano and found that it still got worse as far as I was concerned.  My ears started to feel pain on and off so I went back to the doctor's for the 3rd time for the same thing.  This time it was a woman I've never seen before and she introduced herself as Daniel.  Well, she listened and said that I was very complex with all my issues however i just needed to get the ears nose and throat looked after at this visit.  I said this happened once before about a year ago I thought and I was relieved by being put on Amoxicilin and nasal spray Nasonex and spraying Saline solution in the nose.  Also I had to steam myself and blow out and pop my ears 4 x a day.  I started the Anti-biotics yesterday and doubled the doses to get the amount for the day in and the pharmacist said that this would be alright.  I am now taking 250 mg. 4 times a day for 10 days.  This morning the throat feels a bit better and the ears also.  She also prescribed this stuff called Tamnum I think but I didn't take it from the pharmacist cause he said it would make my throat numb and as soon as I heard this I thought I can't take the chance of having a numb throat and not knowing what I would be doing when I was singing if I would strain it so I didn't get  this stuff.  I'm in a singing competition this weekend and I can't afford to not know what my throat feels like or if I'm overstressing it practicing for this.  Bodily functions feeling pretty good as well.  I noticed immediately upon awakening that I didn't have the tailbone pain I speak of that I think correlates with my bowels.  This morning upon taking all my supplements I also did not get into the same god awful sensation of leg jiggling and then tremors cause of the supplements that I take.  I'm going to keep a close watch on these symptoms as they are all part of what is going on in the whole big picture.  My feet feel tight like they are puffed up a and I don't have enough skin for them to be in, yet they don't look puffy at all.  Way better mood as I went to music practise last night and it's always fun.  I always have reminders the next day of something that happened which makes me laugh about it right into the next day.  Last night it was Ben shaking his finger at me and like when Rick did this to me, I went to bite it off and he drew back.  I kept laughing as I did this with Ben and then told him the story.  The week before it was about Bobby and Ben and HONK and I kept everyone in stitches about this one.  That's what I love about this program, there's always joy and laughter and I seem to bring it to this place.  I would be a great asset for this position that they are looking to fill.  Hopefully I have enough experience administrative wise.  We'll see.  

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