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Another difficult day

Oct 11, 2011 - 2 comments

Still feeling weird ... weak and shaky and just not right. Had an appointment at the bank and it was so hard to concentrate while not feeling well. I am trying to calm down, to believe that I am not going to faint or die, but it's hard. I'm not sure if I'm suffering from anxiety, or something else. It's so hard to differentiate between panic attacks and other problems. Wish I knew what was going on with me!

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by is_something_wrong, Oct 12, 2011
I know this is not easy, but you need to make a change in your life now.

What did they see on all your tests? PACs and sinus tachycardia. Nothing worse.
What is causing PACs? Stress and adrenaline.
What is causing sinus tachycardia? Stress and adrenaline.

(with PACs I mean all the variants of PACs like I have described earlier..)

Are PACs dangerous? No.
Is sinus tachycardia dangerous? No.
Are they markers of any heart disease? No.
Can they make your heart stop? No.
Is there any reason you should have a more serious heart disease? No.

If you think about this, I believe you will find out that this started when your lifestyle was affected by anxiety. Or did you have a sudden change in your heart caused by the anxiety? That's not possible.

You need to decide what do believe now. Do you believe your doctors? Sure they can make mistakes but so can you. I think it's better to trust a skilled cardiologist than to trust your anxious thoughts. You can't decide if you have a heart disease or not, but you can decide what you want to believe.

My doctor once told me that to decide is to kill the doubts, just as homicide is to kill someone else. I think there is a lot of wisdom in those words..

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by momof3boys46064, Oct 12, 2011
I have dealt with chronic severe anxiety for years. I have a firm belief that in public, I am going to die, faint, have a stroke or heart attack, or some other fatal medical event. I have no clue why I do this, and I hate it. It makes every aspect of living a normal life hard. It's constantly on my mind, which just makes the condition worse I know. I got on xanax, and that helped SO MUCH!! I still have the thoughts in my head, but my heart rate stays normal, no more ringing in my ears, I don't go numb, and the feeling of being faint is gone. Anxiety is such a demon. It is hard to control, and it can take your life and turn it upside down. I used to be "normal", and i miss those days so much. I have learned to accept that I have a time limit in bigger stores like Wal mart, I can only be in for up to 30min. I goto smaller stores as much as possible, breathe as much as I can, and when I walk out alive, i have a small celebration in my head. I can empathize with you, and I wish I could take it away. I hope that maybe you can talk to your doc, and get on some meds that can help relieve some of the issues

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