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40 weeks

Oct 13, 2011 - 2 comments

ok so im officially due any day now. I cant believe I didnt get induced last week and im still prego's haha but i guess things happen for a reason. my whole family think im going to go 10 days overdue and have baby when my hubby gets back but i doubt it. I think ill be popping sometime this weekend, couple days over due, and im hoping to have baby soon becoz im starting to get impatient. Im having some small period cramps the ones you get just before you start your period nothing painful just annoying and they dont last long at all. I feel like my tummy is stretched as much as it can go and boy is it itchy as hell, i cant help scratching and now i have a rash over my strech marks haha , baby is moving alot. at my 38 week appointment the doc said he weighed about 7 pounds so i wonder how much he weighs now, im hoping not to go over 9 coz i really dont want him to be too big and not be able to push him out, ouch!. Having a few more braxton hicks contractions and I dont think ive even lost my mucus plug yet definitely no bloody show as of yet and im 40 weeks, Im starting to wonder whats going on? I had some small slimy brown discharge after i was checked at 38 weeks and i even had my membranes stripped at 39 weeks and didnt have any spotting at all. Im sad my hubby is not here and he regrets going through with the whole thing and is really sad over there in New Zealand, i feel bad for him coz I made him go, I am very strict with following through on commitments, i just know now that we will never do this again, and I will never ever assume that things will magically fall into place every again haha. lesson learnt. My mom just finished giving me a foot massage and I went for and hour walk tonight so fingers crossed i get to see my little bundle of joy very soon. I cant wait to skype my hubby and give birth!  

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by PetiteWonder, Oct 13, 2011
I feel your frustrations with the being impatient... My due date is in 4  days but I feel like ill make it there and its like ahhh....   the itchiness is so annoying and my baby keeps stretching itself out and its like my skin cant handle this..

I had another membrane sweep today and im going to go for a walk when Im done my tea to see if things can get moving...

it would be amazing to have your husband be back from NZ by the time you give birth but 10 days overdue is pretty extreme, I dont think I could handle it....

my parents were planning on leaving to come visit once i went into the hospital (tkaes 3 days to drive) but they got over excited when they heard i was at 3 cm and left.. now they are just waiting around here and are getting panicky because they want to spend time with their grandchild but she could still not be born for 2 weeks and they cant stay forever... i told them this might happen but i mean not even my doctor thought i would still be pregnant with the risk for preterm labor issues and progressing to 3Cm so quickly...

but you are right, things dont just magically fall into place... i am so glad i didnt have my baby early still but i would have been fine having her last week ;)

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by logigirl, Oct 13, 2011
enjoy it!!!! I went 3 weeks early and feel so cheated :( We are pregnant for so little time (in comparison to our lifespan) and you will soon grow to miss those movements and kicks... enjoy it while you can.

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