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Monthly cardiology appointment

Oct 13, 2011 - 1 comments

Tuesday I went to the cardiologist and I really feel like not going back because every time I go they tell me something new but never say some of the other things have gotten better. THis time I was told after my ICD was interrogated that my OptiVol was really high (I have a lot of fluid in the lungs) but I have no edema in my legs, feet or hands, but I do have a small cough and I have been SOB a little more often than usual. So he increased my lasix from 40mg 2x a day to 80mg in the am and 40mg in the pm. Then on top of this I am moving across the country in 2 weeks, and I have a cast that will come off next week. My last few weeks have been so busy and I am so tired!

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by GardeniaDreams, Oct 16, 2011
I am not around the forum a lot so quite by chance I read your post this one and your post about the Optivol. My CRT pacemaker is a different brand . I have an old school cardiologist who listens for water in my lungs with his stethoscope. I have endstage heartfailure but my excess water shows in the swollen abdomen & organs ,  my hands feet ankles are quite slim. Over here they do not give twice the diuretics but a more gradual add on of 1/2 tablet  and I have a combination of 2 diuretics spironolactone and bumetanide. I also have fluid restriction 6 cups fluids daily this includes water , coffee , tea , juices , soups , yoghurt ,milk , grapes , melon , watery fruits etc Also I have to eat low sodium and no salt. Just the diuretics alone will not work you have to watch your fluids intake & salts.
Not easy.

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